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BioFPR Interviews

Welcome to the Biofpr Interview Series, where you can read exclusive interviews with some of Industry’s finest protagonists. See the world of biofuels from their unique perspectives; glance at a bio-based future through their eyes; and read first hand how their products and policies are leading the way in clean technology, and shaping the future for us all.

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Marcel Lubben – Vice President of Bio-based Chemicals and Materials, DSM

BioFPR's Managing Editor Sarah Watson spoke to Marcel Lubben, Vice President Bio-based Chemicals and Materials DSM at the Bio Pacific Rim summit on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy. Here he talks exclusively about about the latest technological developments in DSM's bio-based chemical portfolio.

Jose Sanchez Piña – Vice President of Quality Assurance and Services, OriginOil

BioFPR's Sarah Watson interviews Origin Oil’s Algae Master Jose Sanchez Piña, who once helped write Mexico’s biofuels legislation. He is responsible for the implementation and performance of OriginOil’s algae and aquaculture systems in the field.

Marcus Meadows-Smith – Head of Strategic & Business Management - Biologics at Bayer CropScience

Recently, at Crop World Global 2012 Marcus Meadows-Smith took time out of his busy schedule to talk to BioFPR’s Simon Lightfoot. Previously the CEO of AgraQuest, Marcus is now the Head of Strategy & Business Management for Biologics at Bayer CropScience, following the successful acquisition earlier in the year. Here, he tells us of the advantages the acquisition has meant, as well as current R&D spending trends and tailoring biological solutions to growers’ needs.

Sarah Teter – Staff Scientist, Novozymes, Inc

Learn about the processes involved in improving enzymatic performance for biomass feedstocks – from sourcing the enzymes from fungi, and engineering the optimum performance possible, to taking the product to market.

Adam Dawson – Chief Executive of the Office of Carbon Capture and Storage

Adam Dawson is Chief Executive of the Office of Carbon Capture and Storage (OCCS), within the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK. The OCCS was created in March 2010 to facilitate the delivery of CCS as a key carbon abatement technology in the UK for both power generation and industrial applications. Muriel Cozier asks him about the role of the OCCS and the future of greenhouse gas mitigation.

Marlene Holzner – Spokesman for Energy European Commission in Brussels

Muriel Cozier interviews Marlene Holzner, Spokesman for Energy European Commission in Brussels, and explores how the European Commission is involved in funding and facilitating future carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects

Jonathan Wolfson – CEO, Solazyme Inc

Jonathan tells us of Solazyme’s first biofuels flight with United Airlines, their continued work with the US Department of Defence, and how Solazyme see the future of biofuels and the necessity of a progression to a bio-based economy.