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Biofpr Journal Issue -
Can biofuels recover from the crunch?
Pages(s): 7-9
Jan 20, 2011

David Mousdale

What could be possible with mature biofuels technologies?
Pages(s): 105-107
Mar 04, 2009

Charles E. Wyman, George Huber

Business highlights
Pages(s): 108-110
Mar 04, 2009

Technology news
Pages(s): 111-111
Mar 04, 2009

Market trends
Pages(s): 112-112
Mar 04, 2009

The role of biomass in America's energy future: framing the analysis
Pages(s): 113-123
Mar 04, 2009

Lee R. Lynd, Eric Larson, Nathanael Greene, Mark Laser, John Sheehan, Bruce E. Dale, Samuel McLaughlin, Michael Wang

Large‐scale production, harvest and logistics of switchgrass ( Panicum virgatum L. ) – current technology and envisioning a mature technology
Pages(s): 124-141
Mar 04, 2009

Shahab Sokhansanj, Sudhagar Mani, Anthony Turhollow, Amit Kumar, David Bransby, Lee Lynd, Mark Laser

Performance and cost analysis of future, commercially mature gasification‐based electric power generation from switchgrass
Pages(s): 142-173
Mar 04, 2009

Haiming Jin, Eric D. Larson, Fuat E. Celik

Large‐scale gasification‐based coproduction of fuels and electricity from switchgrass
Pages(s): 174-194
Mar 04, 2009

Eric D. Larson, Haiming Jin, Fuat E. Celik

Coproduction of ethanol and power from switchgrass
Pages(s): 195-218
Mar 04, 2009

Mark Laser, Haiming Jin, Kemantha Jayawardhana, Lee R. Lynd

Protein feeds coproduction in biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals
Pages(s): 219-230
Mar 04, 2009

Bruce E. Dale, Michael S. Allen, Mark Laser, Lee R. Lynd

Projected mature technology scenarios for conversion of cellulosic biomass to ethanol with coproduction thermochemical fuels, power, and/or animal feed protein
Pages(s): 231-246
Mar 04, 2009

Mark Laser, Haiming Jin, Kemantha Jayawardhana, Bruce E. Dale, Lee R. Lynd

Comparative analysis of efficiency, environmental impact, and process economics for mature biomass refining scenarios
Pages(s): 247-270
Mar 04, 2009

Mark Laser, Eric Larson, Bruce Dale, Michael Wang, Nathanael Greene, Lee R. Lynd

Patent intelligence
Pages(s): 271-288
Mar 04, 2009