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Measure Biofuel Parameters - When And Where You Need To
Feedstock Characterization and Fermentation Monitoring of Biofuels

The increased growth in the use of biofuels and associated regulations has presented the industry with a unique set of challenges. The breadth of source materials requires careful control of the quality of the end product. And then once produced, use is made of existing processing capabilities and pipelines raising concerns around cross contamination.

This webinar will focus on Mobile analysis solutions that take the analysis of Biodiesel and Biogas on location, away from the laboratory, without compromising analytical performance, all while adhering to industry standards EN, ISO, ASTM, and CN methods. Moving analysis onsite enables quicker decision making and faster intervention whenever and wherever it is needed.

Learning Objectives

How to measure Biodiesel concentration in diesel fuel:

     • Mixing and contamination levels

     • Diesel fuel quality and contamination parameters, including standard methods ASTM D7371-01 and EN 14078

How to measure biogas composition:

     • Onsite analysis of pure biogas

     • Biogas analysis when mixed with other hydrocarbon streams (natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas)

These “ready-to-go” systems allow your laboratory to quickly validate data, and conform to stringent regulations for FAME's analysis, glycerin and glyceride determination, and trace ethanol and methanol measurements in finished biofuels.

Who should attend?

Scientists and researchers performing Biofuel analysis

Laboratory managers considering performing analysis onsite

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Your Speakers

Coen Duvekot

Product Marketing Manager, Micro GC
Agilent Technologies

Frank Higgins

Applications Development Scientist
Mobile Spectroscopy Products
Agilent Technologies