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Biorefinery for Food, Fuel and Materials

Date: 2012-11-09 11:26:39.0

Biorefinery for Food, Fuel and Materials

7 - 10 April 2013  |  Wageningen, Netherlands

In the symposium on Biorefinery for Food, Fuel and Materials 2013 (BFF2013) the whole biorefinery value chain is considered, from where biomass cultivation is linked with biomass processing steps to the individual applications and recycling of resources to reduce the overall footprint. The symposium also unites stakeholders from agro, food, chemical, fuel and energy sectors with a common interest within the biorefinery chains.

Production of non-food components, such as chemicals, materials, biofuels and energy, from biomass is often considered to compete with food production with respect to land, water and scarce resources. Biorefinery is the key technology in the separation of the components of biomass for their own application. From this basis biorefinery offers the potential to use the biomass for both food and non-food production.

Biorefineries advanced the use of biomass, but due to the oversupply of raw materials in our food chains in the past, there was no strong driver to improve the efficiency in using biomass. The increased request in food and non-food applications calls for a change in attitude in the interaction between food and non-food chains.

We invite you - researchers, industries and users - to forward the discussion on the development of biorefineries during the symposium on Biorefinery for Food, Fuel and Materials 2013 (BFF2013). The special challenge for the discussion is how food and non-food applications can further benefit from each other. Two times more products from biomass with two times less impact for the environment is the driver for this discussion.

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